NetApp FAS speeds up operation of commonly used corporate applets and eliminates factors, blocking efficiency development. NetApp is specialized in optimization of business operating processes. NetApp FAS system integrates flash technologies and unified data management: from flash drives to cloud solutions. Modern NetApp storage means allow to provide safe data exchange and use a full information protective package for inner enterprise use and outer connection.

NetApp equipment

The latest NetApp FAS version enable a high operating speed due to integrated flash technologies. Another system advantage is cost reduction and IT procedures simplification: servers support and database licensing are 50% less consuming due to an advanced NetApp FAS productivity. Desktops virtualization can be also conducted through the scalability NetApp module.

Today it is important to invest in future IT technologies in order to develop a solid corporate IT base. NetApp FAS operates with a number of brand new applets, which have a long-term application potential. Such data storage approach allows to adjust current data retention to the next generation system.

Self-maintained diagnostics and fail-free system update make IT servicing less necessary.

Memory Gear recommends NetApp FAS data storage systems for small and medium enterprises, which set a high value on a wide range of exploitation services, pilot architectures implementation and storage projection according to varying business needs.