Modern data storage systems for servers operation need to be affordable, productive and offer a wide functional range. The brand new HPE MSA array provides safe storage and efficient protection of information. They also allow to reduce an overall files storage cost and increase efficiency of data back-up due to application of solid-state drives, snapshots, replication and a SED function.

HPE equipment

HPE systems were developed for improvement of business efficiency through consolidation and virtualization. The systems are supplied with new control units, capable data processing machines, four interfaces, and 4GB of memory cache for every controller. A standard system package includes a 64 snapshots license and a modified access control for data protection.

Among new HPE systems possibilities there are:

The Memory Gear assistants will consult you on the most suitable HPE configurations, according to the infrastructural corporate needs. Systems flexibility implies implementation of one or several control units, depending on a projet budget and business capacity. Integrated system devices and management settings create convenient administrative field for IT specialists.

HPE data storage systems present a perfect investment opportunity for business development and virtualization.