EMC VNXe is an affordable integrated data storage array for a small business, which is oriented at specific functions, providing management simplicity, resource allocation and information protection. Due to an extensive scalability, from 6 to 96 disks and up to 192 TB, the EMC VNXe system is able to comply with growing needs of a developing business and more complex functionality requirements. EMC VNXe data storage system is a perfect solution for companies, which use physical servers infrastructure and enterprises, which introduce servers virtualization in order to provide data consolidation, efficiency raise, business applets functioning and management facilitation. EMC VNXe offers a full functional package, including a high storage resource use, data secure solutions, access control module and an expanded technical support.

EMC equipment

Despite complexity of a current task, as data storage consolidation or IT resources efficiency increase, the EMC VNXe system is ready to provide a ready-made operating procedures algorithm. Such systems provide unique opportunities, allowing to implement unified data storage systems based on IP networks with a use of NAS or iSCI protocol, reducing management expenses at the same time. Applet oriented management and resource allocation enable users to get familiar with a system quicker. Snapshots function and data replication allow to simplify operating processes and unify data protective facilities.