How to Save Money While Hiring a Car from the Dubai Airport

When you hear about airport rentals the first thing that you are told is to steer clear of them due to their increased prices. While airport rentals typically come with a higher charge than off-site rental companies, this does not necessarily mean that they are more expensive and we are going to explain why. If you are planning to take a trip to Abu Dhabi, then a monthly car rental Abu Dhabi from the airport might be something that you need to consider.

Why Airport Rentals Have a Higher Base Cost

Travellers do pay additional money for the convenience of being able to hop into a rental car straight from the airport but this is not the only reason for higher prices. Airport rentals face an array of charges that off-site rental companies do not have to worry about. One of such charges is airport taxes but parking facilities can also be a contributing factor.

Monthly Car Rental Abu Dhabi

Getting to the Rental Company

An off-site rental company might offer you a better rate than that of the airport rental facility but here is another factor that you have not calculated into the price: transportation to the off-site rental company. Some rental companies offer a shuttle service that will fetch you from the airport and bring you to your rental vehicle and return you to the airport once your vacation is over. But this comes at a cost. If the company does not offer this service, the traveller will have to seek alternate transportation such as a taxi. If the rental company is only 4km from the airport, the traveller will have to pay AED 20 to the company and back to the airport which is an additional AED 40 to be added to the final bill.

Savings Versus Frustration of Getting Lost

As a tourist, it is unlikely that you are familiar with the city layout of Dubai which means that getting around can be difficult and frustrating. With an off-site rental, you will have to navigate the city yourself and pay for GPS access. If you get lost you will also drive out more fuel trying to locate your destination which can also reduce the savings amount in the long-run. Many airport rental companies come with a driver included allowing you to save on money and frustration.

Car Rental Abu Dhabi

Cheaper than Public Transport

When trying to arrange your trip around public transport you are held to a different schedule. But if you use a rental you have the freedom to go where you want, when you want. When choosing a rental car the price is calculated based on the type of car and the number of days that you wish to rent for. This means that you could get a smaller, cheaper vehicle with a special deal that will work out cheaper than paying for public transport daily.

Is the Saving Worth the Inconvenience?

The final decision that the traveller will need to make is if the inconvenience of the saving is worth the effort. While you might save some money, you could also waste a lot of time. It is much easier to simply jump into a car at the airport and not have to worry about all the additional running around. Compare your options and decide what works best for you and your travelling budget.