Four Questions You Need to Ask Before Your Next Luxury Yacht Charter

Without any doubt, a luxury yacht charter is one of the most enjoyable holidays you can ever imagine. It will give you full control over every aspect of your holiday. From unparalleled access to one of the most beautiful destinations to first-class service, watersports, and bespoke cuisines; the opportunities are endless. You can enjoy, relax, and share memories with your loved ones that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But, planning your luxury cruise trip might seem a bit daunting. For this exact reason, I have compiled a list of four questions you need to ask yourself before going on your next luxury yacht charter.

Luxury Yacht Charter

How Long Should be the Duration?

The best thing about chartering a luxury yacht is that you can rent it for as long as you wish, depending upon its availability. A typical luxury cruiser is booked for one week to explore nearby islands. However, many yachts are available for daily charters with lower rent rates. If you want to have a small party or you are looking to host an event on board, you can see luxury yacht rental prices at Seven Yachts. Available for both daily and hourly commute, they provide the best deals.

Crewed Charter vs Bareboat Charter?

A bareboat is a unit that is chartered with no crew at all. The charterer is in charge of the yacht and the whole journey. A crewed yacht is a one that comes with a professional captain, live-aboard crew, a chef, and an instructor to make the cruise duration comfortable. It is more expensive than a bareboat, but it comes with a lot of extra perks. You get the premium experience with access to a staff that will entertain you during the journey.

What Should You Bring On-Board?

Your cruiser will come fully equipped with everything related to sailing and meals. However, you’ll need to make sure you pack some essential documents and items to make the journey comfortable. Passport and licenses, along with any prescription medications, should be your foremost priority when packing. For clothing items, you can pack a couple of t-shirts, shorts, and a swimsuit. It is a good idea to bring some sunblock as you will probably be spending a lot of time in the sun.

How Big Should the Yacht Be

How Big Should the Yacht Be?

The capacity of a cruiser depends entirely on the event you’re arranging. Are you looking to organize a full-on corporate event or a party? Or you want a small ship for a close gathering. They come in different shapes and sizes with a varying number of cabins. You can select a 64ft yacht which holds the capacity to accommodate 15 people, or you can go for a 164ft watercraft which can carry up to 50 people. Head over to and find one from their wide range of luxury yachts known for their elegant design.