Five Historical Places to Visit in Dubai This Spring with a Rented Car

Are you on a trip to Dubai? If yes, then you need to visit the historical places in Dubai to feel the energetic vibes of the city. If you are touring, then you can prioritize a specific set of destinations where you can drive on a rented car. The following points would be helpful in providing you with relevant information.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum

The Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents is one of the top historical places in the UAE region. When you plan to tour the city on a leased car, keep the place on the top of your priority list. The structure of the building depicts the fascinating side of top-class Arabian architecture. The intricate design and the unique interiors will surely impress you.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum

The Dubai Creek

If you have an interest for a romantic outing with your partner, then the Dubai Creek is a perfect choice. It beautifully cuts through the center of the city. You will take the least time to reach the place. After driving to the destination, you may hire a boat through the calm stream for reaching to the other side of the port.

Jumeirah Beach

When you are driving across Dubai on a stylish cheap car for rent, leased for a specific term, don’t forget to witness the pristine waters of the Jumeirah beach. The majestic views of the sunset and the excellent hotels nearby will always lure you to visit the place.

Hatta Heritage Village

It is also unofficially known as the Grand Old Town in Dubai. You would be able to discover the traditional shades of a simple living in this region. Its location is in the Al Hajar Mountains. Driving to this place from Dubai on a leased luxury car will be like a breeze. Call now a car rental company to know about the rental schemes and principal self-drive getaways.

Al Hajar Mountains‚Äč

Bur Dubai Village

It is flourishing place showcasing the heritage art of the Dubai region. You can visit the place on a luxury car through silky smooth roads. The place is not far from the Dubai Creek. The architectural splendor of the Bur Dubai village will captivate you. The local artisans showcase various artefacts that bear an ancient flavor. You can explore the numerous pottery shops in the area and buy gifts for your loved ones.

Dubai has several places of interest, each of them with a unique signature. For exploring the city more, you may have to lease a car on a monthly basis.

Have fun in Dubai!