5 questions to ask when selecting the right Microsoft gold partner

Business owners are always looking for ways to increase their productivity in order to make more profit. With different software solutions provided by Microsoft, a lot of businesses can take advantage of their solutions. These solutions are distributed and provided by Microsoft gold partners to help them grow their business. If you have a business in Dubai and looking for Microsoft gold partners, there are lots of options for you. But first you need to know what to expect from their services and what they can do for you. Below are 5 questions you need to ask Microsoft gold partners in Dubai when selecting the right solutions provider for your business.

5 questions to ask when selecting the right Microsoft gold partner

Will they make relevant information available to you whenever necessary?

The ideal gold partner should continuously update you on the latest product announcements, licensing matters, price changes, offers, and new product release dates. Information is power, and they should be able to update you on the necessary information within the industry. Also, they should be able to get you ready for Microsoft conferences and customer events. The right partner should be able to help you with registrations, activity scheduling, and session selection.

Do they have a qualified team that is versatile enough?

Business improvementThey should be able to handle different technical issues relating to Microsoft solutions. The ideal company needs to have a competent team behind them who see solutions in every situation, including business and technical aspects.

Do they have a track record of business improvements?

When it comes to providing business solutions, a track record of competence and improvements on their client’s business processes is a must. The ideal provider should be experienced enough and have handled several technical issues for different clients within the past few years. They can bring their experience into play when dealing with your own issues. Do not settle for anything less than five years of measurable progress in different business solutions they have handled. With their experience, they can easily take care of things for you.

Are they a certified gold partner with Microsoft?

PartnershipObviously, this should be the first question to ask the prospective solutions provider before finding out about other things. The right company should have passed the certification and competency test from Microsoft to be considered. They need to demonstrate a high level of competence and expertise across different service and technical competence. These are the type of solutions providers you should be interested in.

What extra support systems do they have?

The dynamics community is a huge and helpful one. Apart from the support you will get from them, they should be able to provide help from forums and other helpful areas operated by Microsoft professionals. You should be able to learn latest news, attend special events, and get training from these support groups.

Remember that all partners are not the same. Even if they are certified partners, you need to work with the company that will improve your business processes which will lead to profitability.

Source: www.levtechconsulting.com