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Data storage systems need to comply with several criteria, such as management simplicity, fail-safety, reliability, scalability and operational flexibility with other systems. Such principles allow to minimize expenses on data storage systems support, modification and IT personnel training. Among other key customer-oriented characteristics Memory Gear has identified affordability, high capacity, possibility of domain integration, iSCSI support and a data replication function.

Memory Gear - server and data storage solutions

Advancement of data storage systems requires management automation, data classification and virtualization. Memory Gear is specialized in distribution and installation of efficient data storage solutions, providing thin provisioning, dynamic data migration, data reduplication, data compaction and support of various information protective means.

The Memory Gear consultants will advise on the most appropriate data storage systems, according to business capacity, required functionality, carrying capability, informational content, data duplication, snapshots availability and so on. We believe that integrated data storage, file and block access are essential for management of extensive virtual loads, new business applications development, additional systems involvement and overall business growth. It is also important for a data storage system to keep up a high productivity level despite increasing amount of files, system users and updates frequency.

Memory Gear guarantees an exceptional service, high product quality, professional equipment installation and maintenance.

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